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and Design.

We dare greatly, always distinctive and is crazy effective to make our clients the most remarkable and profitable.

Founded in 2021

Pentahex is a design consultancy headquartered in Singapore. The focus of our work is brand strategy for clients who value the power of design.

We identify and clarify core institutional values and create innovative, experiential, participatory and visually-dynamic ways to engage key audiences worldwide.

Our intellectual and creative conviction is that thoughtful design can make an essential contribution to every level of cultural discourse.

The thing that drives us

What we do, is who we do it for. Your audience, your customers, your team, and you. We’re a team that always brings our key decision makers and creative talent to the table.

We believe in the power of helping others. If you are a startup / struggling business / a group of people with an idea and need help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Why Choose Pentahex?

We care about our work, our clients and our people. We treat everyone with honesty and respect and expect to be treated in the same way.

We approach every challenge with energy and vigour. We come up with innovative solutions and we’re not afraid to think big.

Our working environment is relaxed and light-hearted. We listen to good tunes and eat good biscuits.

We take pride in our work and sign every piece of it. We strive for perfection in everything we do.