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Creating a Brand Positioning that Reflects Your Business Values

Creating a brand positioning that reflects your business values is crucial to building a strong and authentic brand. Your brand positioning is the unique promise of value that your brand makes to your target audience. It should reflect the unique qualities and attributes of your business and the benefits it offers to customers. By aligning your brand positioning with your business values, you can ensure that your message resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from your competitors. This is also essential for building trust and credibility with your customers and establishing a long-term relationship with them. By clearly communicating your brand values through your positioning, you can attract customers who align with those values, which can lead to higher customer loyalty, brand advocacy and ultimately increase sales.

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FAQ about startup branding

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How long does it take to design a brand identity for a startup?

epending on the package, the brand design work may take from 4 weeks andmore. If there is an existing logo design, startup founders usually need more timeto decide. We call it a natural resistance to change that makes the timeframe anywhere within two months, even for the smallest package. We know you probably needed it yesterday, but the good design takes time.

Do you guys accept equity?

We can consider a cash + equity deal when we provide our services with a slightlyreduced rate for a small portion of the company. But there are different factorsthat we look at before accepting these types of projects.

What if I don’t like the final result?

Since we work as an extension of startups teams and continuously communicatewith the stakeholders, our clients play a very active role in the decision-makingprocess. So there are no surprises along the way. As a result, there is usually azero chance that you don’t like the final delivery unless you were entirely isolatedfrom the communications

Should I be using paid advertising on social media?

Discovery:We collect information about the project, analyze competitors, and audit the existing identity to clearly understand the task and have a strong foundation for the upcoming work.

Visual positioning: Based on the competitive landscape and the target audience, we create a visual positioning of the brand. We go through several exercises to define the critical characteristics of the future visual brand identity.

Brand mood and attributes:This phase is vital for identifying a cloud of attributes such as adjectives and nouns and then group them. And then, we prepare mood-boards for each of the logical groups.

Style guide:Our final output is a visual brand identity guide that combines all basic visual assets like logo, wordmark, typefaces, and other materials in one delivery. It allows our startup clients team to have a single source of truth and set some rules for visually consistent use of the brand across all touch-points, starting from marketing websites, social media, product design, and more.