C.U.B Kingdom

C.U.B Kingdom aims to be the bridge between investors and new business prospects.


NFT | Branding | Web development | Web3


Tone of voice

C.U.B Kingdom's tone of voice and style of writing is strong, powerful and uplifting. It exudes confidence and aims to strengthen the community through a sense of ownership, individuality and trust.

C.U.B was created by a group of young entrepeneurs as a response to the dominance of large corporations in the industry.  They had decided to do things their own way and they had big ambitions of their own.

C.U.B represents "Connectivity", "Unregulated", "Business". The NFT space is such a vibrant and exciting place to be in, we wanted to show that through the branding, using elements that
show the relentles spirit of a tiger as well as the ambitions of the project.

C.U.B Kingdom
C.U.B Kingdom